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Kyongsang-bukto, Korea, Fire Life Safety

Korea (KR):

Fire Life Safety Kyongsang-bukto

Ahwa Anam Andong Angang Apo Chain Changchon Changgu Chijang Chilbong Chonggye Chorak Chungbuk Chungdalli Chunggung Chunyang Gyeongju Gyeongsan Haan Hagye Hamigi Hannae Hayang Heunghae Hoamdong Honam Hunghae Hwasalli Hwayang Indong Insodong Ipsil Jindo Kimi Koryong Kosam Kumho Kumi Kumnamni Kuwaegwan Kwansongni Mabuk Maehwa Maeil Mone Muchang Mujigae Myogok Myongjang Nagok Naktong Namtongdong Namyangdong Nodori Oedong Oksan Pohang Punggi Pungsan Saebaengi Saemi Sanchondong Sangadong Sangji Sangju Sawol Sewol Shinan Shindae Silla Sinchondong Singwang Sinhan Sobogi Sokho Sondong Songgang Songnae Sora Sungho Taechang Tongsang Waegwan Wangsin Wondaeri Wongok Wonjung Yongju

Fire Life Safety Testing powered by Liberty Air Balance Co., Inc. (LABCO) is an independent Air and Hydronics testing agency that provides services for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. We have been working in the HVAC industry for over 30 years, LABCO has been in business in Southern California since 2003 and is a signatory union shop.

LABCO prides itself in working closely with its clients and expediting accurate air balance reports. Every field employee at LABCO is a TABB certified technician who undergoes rigorous classroom and lab training. We also have certified commissioning agents.

LABCO specializes in:

  • Air and water systems balancing of new and existing systems
  • Pre-construction surveys and plan check
  • Hospital airborne isolation rooms, OR’s and crucial air validation for OSHPD
  • Clean room certification
  • Fire life safety testing
  • Smoke evacuation
  • Stairwell pressurization testing
  • Duct pressurization/leakage testing
  • Ultrasonic water flow measurements
  • Fume hood certification
  • Kitchen hood certification
  • Duct detector testing
  • Smoke fire damper testing
  • 3rd party testing
  • Set OSA
  • Set minimum CO2 sensors
  • Demand control ventilation

At LABCO we have close working relationships with the following mechanical engineers. TKS&C, TTG Corp., JL Hengstler, Gilmore & Associates, P2S Engineering, Building Mechanical Systems and ME Engineers.

At LABCO we have maintained long term associations with Hoag Memorial Hospital (Newport Beach & Irvine), UCI Medical Center, Mission Hospital Laguna, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you and your company.